We've got our first real look at Outriders, an explosive new shooter RPG hybrid from the studio over at People Can Fly. Though not a full RPG, this shooter has heavily RPG elements with skills that will make any player feel like a true hero. Check out our first look at the Outriders trailer below: 

Outriders offers a 1-3 co-op experience that is more than a simple shooter. Players can create their own Outrider while choosing a class that fits them best to explore - and survive - in a world filled with unknown dangers after a run-in with the "anomaly." 

For those that may not know People Can Fly, the studio behind Outriders, is the team behind Bulletstorm and Gears of War: Judgement, so fans of either title can expect some of that familiar wit and crass dialogue. If you can't wait to learn more, just wait! February 13th will offer a much closer look at Outriders, including actual gameplay.

"With rich storytelling spanning a diverse world, you’ll leave behind the slums and shanty towns of the First City and traverse forests, mountains and desert in the pursuit of a mysterious signal," teases the video above's official description and while we can't talk about our time with the game earlier this month quite yet, you can expect a ton of hands-on impressions and first looks from Prima Games here soon! 

Outriders is expected to hit Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, as well as next-gen consoles, sometime in the holiday season this year.