The latest PlayStation Plus freebie has been announced for PS4 owners in February, and it's a doozy – Red Barrel Games' survival horror affair Outlast will be offered free of charge when it makes its debut next month.

In the game, you play a defenseless character working his way through an insane asylum gone completely wrong, trying to survive by any means necessary. That can sometimes prove to be a challenge, considering the insanity that the fellow inmates are going through. It's your job to, well, outlast them, as the title indicates.

The game will receive a downloadable add-on later on called the Whistleblower, which will put you in control of a new character, a catalyst leading to the main game's events. Red Barrel Games hasn't announced a release date for it at this time, but it's coming soon.

It's good to see Sony offer up another great freebie for PS Plus subscribers. Just make sure you turn off the lights when you play. You'll thank us later.