The Outer Worlds is a stunning game with hours upon hours of side quests, an intriguing story, and memorable characters so OF COURSE speedrunners are already on the case. While our writer Nick managed to get his time in just in time for his review, I'm still working my way towards the end because I want to do and see everything! That's why speedrunners will always just go over my head (except for charity, yay charity!), especially when dealing with such an immersive game like Obsidian's latest RPG that is essentially Fallout Mass Vegas Effect. 

Jabo is a known speedrunner with impressive feats under his belt. The latest conquered game is that of The Outerworlds where he beat the entire story in less than 25 minutes. Don't believe us? Watch for yourself (WARNING FOR SPOILERS): 


The gist of his accomplishment is he didn't pick up side quests, sticking just to the bare bones of the main story, while also using what he learned from previous playthroughs to help take off some additional time. There's also more than one ending for this game, including a Very Bad One that he also took into consideration. 

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As for the game itself in its more-than-25 minutes splendor, The Outer Worlds is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC through the Epic Games Store. It's also coming to the Nintendo Switch next year!