A dev team featuring staff that worked on the original Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six shooters have formed BlackFoot Studios, starting a Kickstarter campaign in a bid to create an old school tactical shooter by the name of Ground Branch.

The team’s aiming to raise $425,000 to fund the title, and, as is required by the popular crowd-funding site, is rewarding backers at various tiered prizes.

The title is "a first-person, realism-oriented online experience that places players in the roles of elite CIA Paramilitary Operators of the Special Activities Division."

The team is aiming to appeal to "disenfranchised gamers that have been marketed to under the promise of 'authenticity', only to find themselves stuck with so many similar arena shooters."

As part of a very deliberate move to make the title a much more old school affair: health will not regenerate, meaning "players will learn to respect the lethality and versatility of firearms as death can come quick".

Maps are non-linear affairs and feature randomized objectives and enemy placement.

Embedded below is the full Kickstarter pledge.

The plan is to release the game o both PC and Mac by Summer 2013.

For the sake of authenticity, the team has been consulting US Special Operations veterans for combat consultation.

They’re currently up to $41,729 with a total of 655 backers, the project has 22 days to reach its target.