QuakeCon is in full swing and Bethesda has already dubbed this year as the Year of DOOM. Apparently, that kicked off early because DOOM, DOOM II and DOOM III have all just arrived on the Nintendo Switch! Surprise! 

While the DOOM franchise has grown exponentially since its debut back in 1993, many of us fondly remember the series' humble roots. Both the first DOOM and DOOM III have both been huge staples in many shooter fans' earliest memories, making the ability to take us with them on the go all the more special. 

The Nintendo Switch continues to add incredible titles to its hybrid platform, including more third parties than ever before. Where it all began with the DOOM franchise is joined by the most recent game as well as other Bethesda favorites like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. 

Don't have a Switch? That's OK! DOOM I and DOOM II are also available now on iOS and Android, so there's no reason not to get back into the game and get yourself locked in those damn closets again!