Do you enjoy killing Orcs?  Well, hey, who doesn't?  And with Orcs Must Die! 2 now available for PC, there should be nothing stopping you from taking control of one of two characters and ripping them a fresh one with a variety of traps.  But just in case you need further incentive, Robot Entertainment is providing it for you.

The company has announced that it will be releasing a new Fire & Water DLC pack for the game, which will be available on Steam starting tomorrow.  For an additional five dollars, you'll be able to take on a slew of new Orc enemies, while battling it out in all new levels where you can lay down your traps and watch the blood flow.  As the title indicates, you'll be able to use more natural elements when it comes to bringing down these terrible new foes.

In addition, the Fire & Water DLC pack will also come with three additional Endless Mode levels, in case you can't get enough spilling of Orc blood.  If that doesn't provide enough reason to play the game, we're not sure what does!