The beautiful and much-cherished title Okami will be re-released with HD graphics on the PlayStation 3 this fall, Capcom has announced.

The remake’s Japanese name is Okami Zekkie-ban, roughly translated to Okami Magnificent Version. News of the Move supporting rehash comes from Japanese mag Famitsu (via Andriasang).

The PlayStation Blog has gone on to confirm a Western edition for the PSN, with a fall release window and a $19.99 price tag. It’s looking like a Sony exclusive at the moment.

While the game was a huge success critically its sales didn’t muster up the support the critics felt was due. The Guinness Book of Records mentions the title as the least commercially successful fame to win a Game of the Year Award.

Publisher Capcom clearly never lost faith in the series; as well as the forthcoming remake, a sequel, entitled Ōkamidenwas released for the Nintendo DS last year.

It’s clearly a winner of a title so hopefully we’ll see it being picked up by a few more people when this HD remake is released. The PlayStation Network has done well to promote the kind of innovative and unusual gaming seen in this title so it’s perhaps a good place for the remake to land.