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Official Borderlands 3 Cosplay Guide Now Available

by Liana Ruppert

While we haven’t met the remaining Vault Hunters yet, Borderlands fans did get a chance to meet Zane and Amara last month. Each had a very distinctive look to match their badass abilities, and now cosplayers can begin their journey into transforming into these characters with an official Borderlands 3 cosplay guide! 

With both Zane and Amara guides available, full kits that include the two images found here, cosplayers can make sure their takes on the new characters are as accurate as possible. That, or just make the characters their own while drawing from the guides as inspiration. 

Gearbox also mentioned that they will be having even more Borderlands 3 goodness to reveal during E3 this year, including more for the cosplay community. According to their latest blog post, “To celebrate you, the incredible Borderlands community, we’ll be kicking off the Borderlands 3 Cosplay Tour at E3 in Los Angeles on June 11 and attending other events across the globe in the coming months. We’re excited to see your cosplay creations, and ready to help you show them off with a unique photo experience that drops you into the middle of beautiful Borderlands 3 locations.”

For those that are going to be at E3 and don’t cosplay, there will be tons of prop weapons on hand for fans to use for that perfect photo op! 

So get ready to gear up and roll out! Just don’t forget to scope out the cosplay guide here

As for the game itself, Borderlands 3 is slated for a September 13th release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Steam. You can learn even more about the title with our Game Hub right here

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