We were happy to see Just Add Water effectively bring back a wondrous Oddworld Inhabitants classic late last year to the PlayStation 3 with Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD – a game that we consider one of the company’s greatest.  It doesn’t look like the legacy is over yet.

During an episode of the PlayStation Blogcast, Just Add Water CEO Stewart Gilray revealed that the company is working hard to finish up a PlayStation Vita port of Stranger’s Wrath and should have it ready to go by late June.  

“That’s my intention,” said Gilray.  “The QA might say ‘noooo’ but that’s my plan anyway.”

The port will feature tweaks that enable the touch-screen, like switching between first and third-person views and also zooming in on particular targets.

In addition, Gilray and his team at Just Add Water are also working hard on an HD port of Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee and are planning to release it during June on PlayStation Network.  More Oddworld fun than you can shake live ammunition at.

We’ll let you know how these games fare once they arrive!