Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath has been enjoying its little rebirth since it came out for PlayStation Network last year, and the developers at Just Add Water are pleased with the results.  However, it doesn’t look like they’ll ever come to Xbox Live Arcade, as far as Microsoft is concerned.

Just Add Water’s head Stewart Gilray spoke with VG247 about the game’s progress, but he stated that Microsoft was getting in the way, and the port will never happen.  "What I said was that we’d given up on Microsoft, not that we’d given up on 360.  What I meant was that we’d given up on Microsoft doing anything with it."

"Two weeks [after announcing the PS3 version] Microsoft contacts us and asked if we wanted to a 360 version," he noted. "We said yes.

"Just before Christmas, they came back and said that they didn’t want it because it’d already been on a Microsoft platform. We said, ‘Hang on a minute. We didn’t come to you. You approached us.’ They said, ‘Yeah, but politics here says that we don’t want it on XBLA.’"

However, Just Add Water isn’t giving up.  They’re content with working with another publisher on the game.  But it may not be the same game "because Microsoft dragged us along for 15 months, we’re now having to add new content to the 360 version."

However, those who own the PS3 version have good news coming up.  A downloadable patch is coming next week that will add several features and fixes to the game, including support for both 3D TV’s and PlayStation Move.  We can’t wait!