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October Xbox Update Includes 4K Dashboard

by Lucas White

Today, a new update is coming to the Xbox firmware, and the details were laid out on the official Xbox website. The News Wire post explains that three main features have been added to the Xbox system software. The marquee feature seems to be the 4K dashboard, although the other two will likely be a big deal for players with accessibility needs.

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The 4K dashboard is exactly what it sounds like. If you have one of the Series S|X consoles connected to a 4K display, the user interface will now be displayed at a native 4K resolution, instead of upscaled from 1080p. This feature seems to only be available for Series X users.

Feature number two is Night Mode, a new accessibility-minded feature that lets users tweak different kinds of color and light settings from the console to the controller. There’s also a blue light filter, which is exclusive to Xbox Series S|X units. These tweaks can be applied to anything, and the blog post stresses that it has no impact on things like performance or capture.

Finally, a Quick Settings menu has been added to the Guide. This lets players access some quick toggles for various accessibility settings. That way, users can make key adjustments without having to drill all the way down into the console’s Settings menu. As pointed out in the blog post, this feature will likely see the most utility in a multi-user household.


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