Obsidian Entertainment, the developer behind such games as Fallout: New Vegas and the upcoming South Park: The Stick of Truth, have announced their latest game is Project Eternity. The game is an isometric party-based RPG set in a fantasy world, incorporating elements from titles such as Icewind Dale and Baldur's Gate.


Now here's the fun part: the team announced the game as a KickStarter project, hoping to raise $1.1 million in development funds and pacing out the project to a 30-day schedule. But it's already reached $1.4 million... in 24 hours. Yep, the project is fully funded and in the works and Obsidian is already rolling out stretch goals to get even more money into it.


This is just proof positive that nothing can stop a good KickStarter campaign once it's rolling. Congrats, guys!


We'll bring you more info on Project Eternity as it develops.