We got our first look at Obsidian's Avowed last week, but a new report is saying that the game is so much bigger than we thought. While Skyrim isn't the end all be all of RPGs, it is a milestone of this generation, not unlike that of other adventures like The Witcher. That being said, the reveal trailer for Avowed immediately drew Skyrim comparisons, so it makes sense then that this would be used as a measurement tool as well. 

When the announcement trailer first made its debut for Avowed, the first-person perspective and environmentals immediately saw Skyrim comparisons from fans. The powers and overall feel seems very Bethesda-like, but what about the size of the game? Skyrim was no small feat, but according to one report, Avowed is "much, much larger than Skryim." Resetera member 'Sponger' added, "very differently 'larger,' more proper world would be 'denser' and 'more contrasted' at the same time." 

With Avowed's setting being in Eora, the home of Pillars of Eternity, there is massive amounts of opportunities for exploration with this new IP. While the latest report details a lot of exciting things for the upcoming game, including world-reactivity, mod support, and an advanced character customization toolset, it also came bearing bad news: it's not supposed to release until late 2022 leading into early 2023. 

With The Outer Worlds basically being a Fallout New Vegas successor but in space, a game from a bigger franchise that belongs to Bethesda, to Avowed taking that spotlight from the Elder Scrolls, it looks like Bethesda has some hearty competition in the games front, especially concerning RPG experiences. 

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Unfortunately, we don't know much else about Avowed other than this unofficial report, but Obsidian has already launched a new website for the game, which will see new updates in the coming months. In the meantime, you can check out the upcoming DLC for The Outer Worlds, which was also announced during the show and is coming out this summer.

What are your thoughts on Avowed and its comparisons to Skyrim? Does this expansion of the Eora world have you excited, or are you still sweating about clearing Pillars of Eternity from your backlog? Talk to us over at Twitter or Facebook!