Bethesda have released another bit of DLC, it’s named The Wizard’s Tower and will give you a brand new extra quest, woop.

The add-on will set you back 150 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live Marketplace and for those with the PC version you’ll pay $1.89.

In this pack, you’re quested with looking after a tower for a powerful mage. It’ll be an extra somewhere for you to put your stuff and will come with a load of lovely bonus features. The tower has an altar with which you’ll be able to summon things, create spells and enchanted items, plus boasts a garden chock full of stuff to make potions with. There are even teleporters to send you to each individual Mages Guild and a lovely bed to sleep in.

If you’d like to grab it for the Xbox 360 version of the game then head over to Xbox Live Marketplace, and if you’re on the PC, go to

If you’re experiencing problems playing Oblivion due to having pre Direct X 9 graphics then try Oldblivion. This is a fan-project that’s aiming to sort out exactly this issue by patching areas in the game it affects.