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Nuketown Added to Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer

by Morgan Shaver

In an exciting announcement on the Call of Duty blog, it was confirmed that Nuketown is officially back in action and playable right now in the multiplayer component of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Over the years, Nuketown has been a fan favorite so it’s not surprising to hear that a version of it is available in Black Ops Cold War, but it’s exciting nevertheless. 

Nuketown Added to Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer

Heralding the arrival of Season One in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, a content update has brought Nuketown to the game’s multiplayer. Nuketown is a 6v6 map that’s playable starting today with the update being free to all Black Ops Cold War players. 

The version of Nuketown is called Nuketown ‘84 and features a vibe that feels very “80s anarchy” to us. On the map, you’ll be able to climb through dilapidated buildings covered in graffiti and run past the signature school bus at the center of the map.

As you’re fighting on Nuketown ‘84, you may feel like something is off. The map feels different, but it can be hard to place why. Fortunately, the blog post explains why Nuketown ‘84 is different from previous Nuketown maps in one key way — its backstory. 

“Veterans of the franchise know Nuketown well, but in 1984, it turns out the original testing ground for the most powerful bomb on the planet had a sister site: one that has been lost to time until a few curious travelers turned it into their own personal sanctuary.” 

While Nuketown ‘84 boasts a number of similarities to previous Nuketown maps when it comes to layout, it’s technically not a version of the original “Nuketown” but rather a newly discovered sister site that the blog post calls Site B. 

“Although the layout may look familiar to fans of the original Black Ops iteration of Nuketown, this particular location in the Nevada desert has been designated ‘Site B.’ In 1954, Site B was primed for ‘the big test,’ but a last-minute government budget decision decommissioned the site,” the blog post explains.

“For 30 years, this Nuketown remained dormant… until in 1984, a group of social misfits travelling through no man’s land discovered the site and made it their home.” 

As noted above, Nuketown ‘84 is a 6v6 map that’s available now as part of a free update.

Looking at the minimap, each side is evenly balanced in a very “Nuketown” way with a main building on each side and backyard areas for each building that feature a few spots to hide which is great when it comes to using scorestreaks like the RC-XD or Attack Helicopter. 

The blog post provides a few tips for success on the Nuketown ‘84 map which include using weapon loadouts that let you quickly fire from the hip (which makes sense given the map’s close-quarters combat focus), and using tools like Proximity Mines and Grenades. 

You can read through all of the tips by visiting the Call of Duty blog post for the Nuketown ‘84 map, but the map should be relatively straightforward, even if you’ve never battled it out on a Nuketown map before. 

In addition to Nuketown ‘84, Black Ops Cold War players can look forward to some opportunities to earn bonus XP. From now until November 30, you’ll be able to earn Double XP as well as Double Weapon XP.

Whether you’re jumping in to check out Nuketown ‘84 or earn Double XP, or both, there are plenty of things for you to enjoy in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s multiplayer this week.

For more on Nuketown ‘84, be sure to read through the full blog post on the Call of Duty website.  

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