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New No Man’s Sky ‘Beyond’ Launch Trailer Is All Hype

by Liana Ruppert

No Man’s Sky Beyond looks NUTS and this launch trailer proves it. For those unfamiliar with the open-world (and phew, is it open) space adventure by Hello Games, this is the Cinderella story of the ages. When No Man’s Sky first launched, it broke records for all the wrong reasons. It was the most downvoted game in history and the backlash over its launch was so heavy, the developers were forced to take a sabatacle over safety reasons. Since then, they’ve worked their butts off to turn it around and now it’s one of the most praised games in recent years. Nobody would have believed it back then on launch day, but Hello has gone above and beyond to deliver the game of their dreams and its one that we can’t get enough of.

When the team first revealed their Beyond update back in March, interest was sky high and now we’ve got a brand new launch trailer to drool over when looking at all of the exciting content coming. From the ability to play with others far more easily, to a new social hub for total interaction – even random additions like the freakin’ awesome Motorbikes and VR integration. It looks wild, check it out for yourself: 


You can also check out the VR highlights below as well, because that too looks “beyond” (heh) incredible: 

The team also took to the game’s website to thank fans for all of their valuable input. The No Man’s Sky we see today was very much a collaborative effort between the studio and gamers, though this was the vision they had all along. With our powers combined, No Man’s Sky truly offers something unique for gamers of all interest! Learn more about what’s new with their latest blog post here