Hello Games said "Let's make this as weird as possible" by letting No Man's Sky players milk aliens. We first shared the hype af launch trailer for No Man's Sky Beyond earlier today but it looks like motorbikes, social hubs, and VR aren't the only new features coming to the game. Yup, things are about to get weird. 

Our friends over at Game Informer recently sat down with studio head Sean Murray to talk about what the ambitious update has to offer. What we weren't counting on is harnessing our inner Luke Skywalker concerning milking aliens. Hopefully, it's not green milk...

Sure there's VR support and online play varying between 16 and 32 players, but come on ... you're here for that milking action. It's OK, we're not here to judge. But since you're here, Murray mentioned that one of the byproducts of making the environment even more interactive was changing how the player can mingle within the worlds around them. This includes building aspects in addition to the ability to tame animals. Everyone wants a good pet, and this allows players to tame them, ride them, and er ... milk them to their heart's content. 

You do you.

This is just the beginning but it's an incredible start to see the team make it to this point following the controversy that followed this game from day one. With years of hard work, harsh feedback, and constructive criticism, No Man's Sky is now the game that players wanted all along. You can catch up on what's new with the latest trailers right here ahead of next week's update.