No Man’s Sky is celebrating its fifth anniversary by releasing a trailer that shows what the team has been up to over the course of five years. The game is had quite the roller coaster journey from its extremely hyped-up release, to the rocky launch, and then the amazing support content it has received.

No Man's Sky Celebrates Its Five Year Anniversary With New Trailer & Frontiers Expansion Tease

The trailer showcases all of this in just a few minutes, and then, it teases what’s next for the game. 

Frontiers is an all-new expansion coming to No Man’s Sky. While we don’t know anything more than the name of the expansions, if it’s anything like the previous expansions the game has seen, players are in for a real treat.

This announcement comes from the PlayStation Blog, where Hello Games Founder Sean Murray reflects about the team’s time developing the game both before and after launch. 

“It’s hard to imagine how we launched so many major updates so close to launch. Foundations launched around 10 weeks after the main game, introducing Base Building for the first time. Base building is now such an integral part of No Man’s Sky, but it felt unexpected at the time. Foundations really became the foundation for how the next few years would take shape.

No Man’s Sky Next was an inflection point. It felt almost like a new game launch and brought multiplayer to PlayStation players in 2018. The reaction of the community continues to motivate us years later.”

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If you haven’t hopped back into No Man’s Sky since its initial launch it is definitely worth looking into. The game has evolved tremendously and offers so much more than the skeleton it was at launch. 

Even five years later the team at Hello Games is still committed to making No Man’s Sky the best it can be, and we look forward to seeing more from the Frontiers expansion soon.

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