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No Downloadable Content Coming For Twisted Metal

by Prima Games Staff


Twisted Metal has been leaving quite an explosive impact on PlayStation 3 owners since it came out about three months ago, but players have been wondering how much the game is going to expand with new tracks and weapons.  It doesn’t look like that’ll be happening at all.

David Scott Jaffe, the producer who worked on the latest chapter of this ongoing series, has stated that the game won’t be seeing any downloadable content, especially considering that he’ll be leaving developer Eat Sleep Play just a little bit after the month concludes.

“No one has asked me (about working on DLC),” said Jaffe.  “I don’t know what Eat Sleep Play is working on other than I’m pretty sure they’re not working on DLC for Twisted Metal.  My understanding is that there is no plan for DLC for Twisted Metal, and I don’t see that changing in the foreseeable future.”

The project is just “about done” with online content, save for an upcoming double XP weekend and a little more time to find the “happy balance”.  That isn’t to say the online servers will be shut down or anything, though.  Players will still be able to log in to PlayStation Network and trash each other like crazy.

Still, we were hoping for some kind of expansion.