With Monster Hunter Rise coming to Steam in 2022, many fans have been wondering if there will be any sharing functions for those who buy both versions. Unfortunately, Capcom confirmed over the weekend that neither cross-play nor cross-save functionality will be available in Monster Hunter Rise.

No Cross Features for Monster Hunter Rise, Confirms Capcom

This confirmation came from the official Monster Hunter Twitter feed on Monday, with Capcom noting that it knew fans were hoping for the feature. But while cross-play and cross-save were apparently looked into for Monster Hunter Rise while in development, it ended up as a no-go this time around.

So for those Monster Hunter fans who already played Rise on Switch and were hoping for a clean transition to the PC version, better luck next time. Folks who haven’t bought either yet will have an easier decision to make as well. Or hey, maybe some people out there want to double-dip anyway.

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