This morning, Nintendo came out in full force and FINALLY provided launch details for the Nintendo Wii U. In New York, president Reggie Fils-Aime greeted a crowd of journalists with official launch details for the Wii U consoles.


The system will be available in two models – an 8 GB basic model and a 32 GB premium model, the latter packed in with the multiplayer game Nintendo Land and a deluxe digital membership. The basic model will be white, while the deluxe one will be black.


The Wii U will work with all existing Wii peripherals and most games, though additional accessories will be sold separately if they aren't owned yet.


Best of all, the system won't kill you entirely in price. It'll sell for $299 for the basic model and $349 for the deluxe, a decent savings from what the Japanese models were announced at last night. The system will be released in stores November 18th and pre-orders are kicking off this Friday at GameStop. Best get your orders in now now, because these WILL go fast.


We'll have more information about the Wii U launch line-up over the course of the day.