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Nintendo Switch Has Surpassed the N64 In Lifetime Sales

by Liana Ruppert

The N64 was a staple in Nintendo gaming history, a revolutionary console that gave us some of our favorite memories. The Nintendo Switch has been revolutionary in its own right as well and the hybrid console has proven it has massive staying power with an ever-growing library and more third party support than ever before. It’s because of that versatility that the Switch has become a household console and according to recent sales data, it has officially surpassed the lifetime sales of its N64 predecessor. 

According to a recent report from VGChartz, the Nintendo Switch has had a killer month so far for April, clocking in at almost 200 thousand units sold for the week of April 6th. That major push helped the Nintendo Switch officially dethrone the N64 in sales, with an estimate of 33.15 million units sold for the hybrid console in comparison to the N64’s 32.92 million sold. 

While this report is incredibly impressive, Nintendo will be sharing a more update sales sheet to reflect just how well the Switch is performing. It’s impressive to see the Switch perform so well, however, considering it’s only been out for just over two years, versus the total number of sales for the Nintendo 64 is its whole lifespan of 6 years. 

Nintendo is just getting started when it comes to their Switch with two newer models reportedly on the way. With more third-party support than any other Nintendo console previously, it’s exciting to see where the Big N goes from here in terms of portability and a phenomenal gaming experience. 

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