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Nintendo Switch gets Extra Moe as No More Heroes Ports Drop

by Lucas White

Nintendo did its usual thing and dropped a new Nintendo Direct Partner Showcase out of nowhere. This time the variety was all over the place, from cloud versions of current AAA games to a demo for the new Hyrule Warriors. But the lowkey star of the show was Suda51 and Grasshopper Manufacture’s No More Heroes. We already know the third game is on track for 2021, but now you can revisit the original Wii cult classics.

Shadow dropped and available on the Nintendo Switch eShop right now, you can get HD ports of both No More Heroes and No More Heroes II: Desperate Struggle. Both games have a regular price of $19.99 each, but if you get them right now there’s a slight discount knocking them down to $17.99. Published by Marvelous and XSEED, both ports look like clean HD upscales of otherwise the same games that put Suda51 on the map in North America.

While there was a PS3 version of No More Heroes folks were pretty divided on, this is the first time the original Wii version has been re-released. And this is the first time No More Heroes II has reappeared as well. The original games were heavily reliant on the Wii’s motion controls, but according to the eShop listings these games are playable in handheld mode. If we can get a hold on the game we’ll definitely update with an evaluation of the visual updates and control situation.

A new trailer was also shown for No More Heroes III, which seems to be coming along quite well despite the pandemic and recent delay to 2021. We see Travis Touchdown doing his thing, slicing enemies up with his beam katana and nailing someone with a brutal brainbuster suplex. I conducted an interview with Suda51 earlier this year, and he told me Travis’ suplex arsenal is greatly expanded, so the wrestling moves will be better than ever.

We don’t know yet if these ports are coming to other platforms or not, but for the time being the Nintendo Switch is the only current platform that hosts the entire No More Heroes series to date. So if you’re curious about trying it out, this will be the easiest way to do so. Travis Strikes Again, a spinoff of sorts connected to the first game’s story, was released for the Switch, PC, and PS4 just last year.

Are you excited to see No More Heroes and Desperate Struggle reappear on the Switch out of nowhere today? Are you trying them for the first time or just glad to get another chance to play without digging out a Wii? Let us know what you think over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter pages! 


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