Amazon shoppers that purchased Nintendo Switch consoles recently received something completely different than what they originally bought. The curse of online shopping: it's convenient, but that doesn't mean it's also reliable, and with everyone being in the thick of the holiday season, this sort of mixup is the last thing that should happen. 

Various reports are circulating regarding select Amazon shoppers, predominately in the UK, that took to the online retailer to buy Nintendo's hybrid console only to receive something infinitely less appealing. Some of the mixups are random as all heck too, like one shopper reportedly receiving condoms instead of the Switch, and even a tambourine! 

The purchased goods-swap seems to be a growing issues as well, not just a few isolated reports. With so many buyers reporting getting a random gift instead of what they bought, it looks like there could have been sort of inventory system mixup on the tech side of things. That, or the company recently decided they were getting into the trolling business. 

The good news is that Amazon is aware of the mixup and has issued an apology. The bad news is it looks like an apology is all they've received, according to Kotaku, and not much else has been done in an effort to correct the rapidly expanding problem. Given that Amazon is looking to branch out in a big way into gaming in 2020, this is a pretty bad foot to leave 2019 off on, but hopefully the issues will be resolved soon and everyone that didn't get what they paid for can have their systems in hand shortly. 

While some Amazon shoppers may not have received their Nintendo Switch consoles, this definitely is an age-old tale of not getting what you paid for. Have any horrific, funny, or random purchase swap stories of your own? Hit us up over on Twitter @PrimaGames