For 24 years, Nintendo Power Magazine has been an institution for Nintendo fanboys and casual players alike, with its colorful features, exclusive reveals, awesome giveaways in a Nintendo-esque mantra. There was just something about it that felt more intimate than any first party-centric publication before or after it. But alas, the ride is over as Nintendo announced a few months back that it is ending the publication.


This week long-time subscribers of the magazine received a letter talking about what Nintendo Power meant to the company, featuring comments from both Nintendo president Reggie Fils-Aime and Nintendo Power editor-in-chief Chris Slate. We've included it below for you to check out. It basically gives thanks to those who enjoyed and took part in the publication and also showed Nintendo's dedication to new means of information, including Twitter, Facebook, and the official Nintendo website.


But all these new fangled communications can't make up for the old-school vibe that Nintendo Power carried after all these years. We will certainly cherish our older copies in tribute.