Nintendo actually had a pretty strong week this week with its downloadable fare for its systems.  Usually it runs a little low on releases, relying on forgetting DSiWare rather than innovative titles like what Xbox Live and PlayStation Network offer.  However, this week has something for everyone.

On the WiiWare front, Konami’s Frogger: Hyper Arcade Edition (700 Wii points) hops back onto the scene with a variety of modes, including the classic arcade action we all know and love.  If you prefer brawling, you can drop 900 Wii points on The King of Fighters ’96, SNK’s Neo-Geo beat-em-up.

Over on the 3DS, you can check out an awesome new LCD-gaming inspired title called Johnny Kung Fu for $5.99, featuring beautiful 2D action that really comes across well on the 3D screen.  The Game Boy classic Kirby’s Pinball Land is also available for $4, a classic that deserves a revisit for the varied stages alone.  Other games include The Sword of Hope 2 ($2.99) and Sweet Memories: Blackjack ($3.99).

Finally, if you do prefer DSiWare stuff, you can check out the platforming adventure Ace Mathician and Candle Route for $2 each.  Download away, kids!