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Nintendo Launches Pikachu New 2DS XL This Month

by Josh Hawkins

Pikachu is by far one of the most iconic Pokemon in the series, and fans of the yellow, electric mouse can look forward to the release of the Pikachu themed New 2DS XL when it launches later this month.

The yellow, handheld exuberates Pikachu’s look with a close-up of the Pokemon’s cheery face, including rosy red cheeks and brown accents. Like the other members of the 2DS family, the model will not offer any kind of 3D capabilities, but it will feature the amiibo scanning and C-stick that have become so popular on the New 3DS line-up. The Pikachu New 2DS XL will launch on January 26, and will be available for Nintendo fans at a cost of just $160 or £117.

the new Pikachu themed New 2DS XL

This is just the latest in Pikachu themed releases coming to Nintendo’s mobile gaming line-up, with this news following the news that Nintendo’s Detective Pikachu will also be making its way to the west later this year. You can learn more about Detective Pikachu’s release date by heading over to our original news piece on the subject.

The news isn’t over for Pokemon fans, though, as Nintendo has also announced that the 2001 Game Boy Color gam, Pokemon Crystal will also make its way to the Nintendo Eshop on January 26. The game will clock in at just $10, or £9. January is shaping up to be a great month for Nintendo fans all-around, and we can’t wait to see what Nintendo has planned for the future of the iconic Pokemon series as we head deeper into the new year.

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