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Nintendo Investigating VR Potential

by Bryan Dawson

Virtual Reality is the next big step in gaming. At least that’s what HTC, Oculus, Microsoft and Sony are banking on. One of the few major players in the gaming industry that has yet to chime in on VR is Nintendo. However, now Shigeru Miyamoto has gone on record to discuss the possibility of a VR future for Nintendo.

Miyamoto stated that he checked out some of the VR products and games when he was at E3 2016 earlier this month. What he saw and played wasn’t quite what the famed developer was expecting. At this point Nintendo is researching VR and has access to the core technology needed. However, the company is concerned that long play periods would be an issue for many people.

Nintendo would like to release something that can be enjoyed for long periods of time, carries value and is affordable to the general public so that parents feel at ease. Until all of that can happen, don’t expect to see a Nintendo VR platform, but it’s nice to know that the company is at least looking into the technology.

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