Even though some of you aren't too keen about buying Coin Rush packs for New Super Mario Bros. 2 and cursing Nintendo for entering the paid DLC era, there's no question that the company still loves its fans.  And to see how much, you simply need to turn on your 3DS.

The company announced today that players of the 3DS sequel have reached 300 billion collected coins worldwide, and to celebrate, some new Coin Rush DLC levels are available on the eShop – free of charge!  These levels are actually inspired by Mario games of old, namely the original Super Mario Bros. game and its successful follow-up Super Mario Bros. 3.  You can also make an old-school run through the original Bowser's castle.  Talk about a blast from the past!

The DLC is available now and will remain free through February 1st, where the price will go up to $2.50.  Go and embrace the past!

Here's a promo video on top of that, one that'll make you smile out of pure nostalgia…