As part of their previously released (and moderately confusing) Nintendo Direct showcase, Nintendo has announced that it is releasing a special pink model of its recently revamped Nintendo 3DS XL system.  The system is currently set for release in Japan only, though, and will arrive on September 27th, alongside the company's new game Style Savvy: Girls Mode.

While we may not know too much about that game, we're big fans of the system and figure no matter what color it is, you'll want to check out New Super Mario Bros. 2 or Resident Evil: Revelations.  Those are ones we definitely recommend, anyway.

Nintendo of America could be introducing some new 3DS XL colors before the holidays, so we'll keep you informed on any new details we hear.  Meanwhile, there is a red one available, and that's a bit better than pink, right?  Not as "cute", but certainly as effective.