Though the service isn't quite bringing the GameCube games that we were expecting, the forthcoming Wii U Virtual Console service will bring a number of beloved NES and SNES classics to the system, complete with GamePad support and the ability to post your progress to the Miiverse, as well as game save options.

The NES games will go for $4.99-$5.99 apiece, while SNES games will go for $7.99-$8.99, depending on the title.  And if you already have the games for your Wii, you'll be able to get Wii U versions for dirt cheap, like a buck for NES and $1.50 for SNES.

The program is set to kick off this April, but Nintendo's launching a special Wii U Virtual Console Trial Campaign that will launch this month, offering various classics for just $.30 a pop.  Just over a quarter!  The list includes…

January: Balloon Fight

Februrary: F-Zero

March: Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream

April: Kirby's Adventure

May: Super Metroid

June: Yoshi

July: Donkey Kong

We'll have a speculation piece on the new Virtual Console service for you in the months ahead!