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Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita Receive Firmware Updates

by Prima Games Staff

If you own a Nintendo 3DS or PlayStation Vita, you’ll need to set a moment aside to download the latest firmware updates for each system. Don’t worry, though – these are important ones that add extra functionality.

On the PlayStation Vita front, the 2.60 firmware upgrade enables you to access a new sub-menu that pulls up from holding down the PS button on the front of your system. This allows you to tweak a number of features in one shot, such as disabling your microphone, adjusting your volume and brightness levels and turning on airplane mode when you’re traveling. It sure beats going back to the main menu and entering the Settings option. You can also change privacy settings on your Trophies, in case you don’t want to boast too loudly about your virtual collection.

As for the 3DS, Nintendo introduces StreetPass Relay with its latest update. With it, you’ll be able to score more StreetPass tags with people, using Nintendo Zone locations to gather data. This makes it easier to participate in the newly added StreetPass games, as well as unlocking puzzle pieces.

The updates will begin automatically once you log in online with either system, and they’re free of charge.


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