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Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus: Getting To Know Your Weapons (PlayStation Vita)

by Prima Games Staff

When it comes to showcasing his ninja dominance, Ryu Hayabusa, the lead hero in the Ninja Gaiden series, usually relies on his Dragon Sword to do some damage.  But that’s not the only weapon you have to rely on in the game.  In fact, some are actually more effective than just the blade, even with the charge-up techniques and the brutal finishing moves.

You’ll want to play around with these new weapons a bit, whether it’s the slow but steady Enma’s Fang or the Wolverine-like Falcon’s Talons, all of which are guaranteed to turn even the toughest mutants into chopped-up chunks. 

We’ve broken down some of the more significant weapons in the game to give you an idea what to expect when the forthcoming Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus releases next month.  If you’re familiar with the previously released Sigma 2 for PlayStation 3, or even the Ninja Gaiden 3 games that came out last year, you might have an idea just how effective they are.  But just in case…

Enma’s Fang

This sword is much larger than the Dragon Sword, and a little tougher to use when it comes to swinging away at enemies.  However, its strength is unmatched, as it is able to do more damage than most weapons out there.  You can level it up to three times, with each level sustaining certain battle maneuvers, such as the Shattering Crucible and Skullplanker (Level 1); the Walking Demon Cut and the Deep Red (Level 2); and the Whirlwind Slash and Timbersword (Level 3). 


Though this staff doesn’t necessarily cut through enemies like a typical blade would, by no means should you disregard it.  It’s got quite the range on it, and the way Ryu maneuvers around with it, he can deal out hits to multiple enemies surrounding him, then finish them off with striking techniques that will leave them lifeless on the ground.  It can be leveled up as well, and it changes appearance as you power it up, with spikes attached to each end of the staff, making them bloodier upon impact on an opponent’s body.  The stronger, the better.

Falcon’s Talons

These are probably one of our favorite weapon sets in the game, and for good reason – anyone that comes within range will immediately be chopped into sashimi upon approaching you.  Not only are your arms equipped with these long Wolverine-like claws, but your feet as well, so you can swing around multiple combos that connect with enemies while maintaining a surprising amount of maneuverability.  Though the range is much lower than other weapons, their speed is fast and effective, especially when it comes to countering enemies.  And the damage is quite pivotal, also.  Make sure you have these on hand against large groups of enemies.


Also known as a chain-blade, the Kusari-Gama is also an excellent weapon when it comes to striking down groups of enemies.  Featuring a sharpened blade on the end of a rather long strand of metal, it acts in a similar manner to Kratos’ twin blades, with great range and the ability to strike.  Word of warning – your first move with it takes a half second to take effect, but the following strikes (which happen as you hit the attack buttons) result in very good combos.  The strength is just about right too, and the finishing maneuvers are quite sick, as the blades dig into the bodies and rip ’em up – just like a good ninja weapon should.


You know the nightsticks that police officers carry around with them?  Well, the Tonfa works to a similar effect, except they’re sharpened – and come in a pair for Ryu to use.  Their strength and range are about on the medium level, but they can be combined together to create some ruthless combo attacks.  The speed is above average as well, making them perfect for groups of enemies and countering incoming strikes.

Vigoorian Flails

These twin mini-scythes aren’t really considered to be the best weapons in the game, but in a pinch, they’re good to use when you’ve got a lot of enemies up close.  Their range isn’t the greatest, but their impact is, with a medium-sized strength to them and plenty of room for improvisational combos.  Still, once they’re leveled all the way up, they resemble huge golden bats on silver sticks, for some odd reason.  Ah, well, some people like these…

Eclipse Scythe

Finally, if you really feel like dishing out death, then why not use a similar weapon to the Grim Reaper?  The scythe is an outstanding weapon, delivering on a far better range than most up-close strikers, while also carrying a larger amount of strength.  You can chop an enemy to bits rather easily with it, provided you keep in mind it’s a heavy set weapon, and takes a little while longer to swing.  Still, it’s perfect for fighting against shielded enemies and tougher ones that aren’t too responsive to smaller tools of the trade.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus hits the PlayStation Vita, both in retail and downloadable form, next month.