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Nightmarchers Now Available on FIG

by Josh Hawkins

Today Wyrmbyte announced the arrival of their upcoming open-world Hawaiian themed RPG, Nightmarchers, on Fig’s website. Nightmarchers is set on the island of Oahu after a massive cataclysmic event has left the land cut off from the rest of the world. In the game players will take on the role of a man named Kai, who is blessed by the forgotten gods of Hawaii in order to take back the island from an evil god named Kamapua.

Fans who want to back Nightmarchers on Fig can choose from several different equity and reward options. Right now the developers are seeking to raise a total of $100K for the game, and backers who support the game by investing in Fig Game Shares can expect to get a return based on the game’s future sales. There are also plenty of stretch goals that add things like new quest lines, powers, features, and more.

According to Wyrmbyte CEO Scott Brown, “Nightmarchers has been a passion project of ours for years now. Hawaii means a lot to us all at Wyrmbyte, both as a place that we love to visit and as a culture. We’re thrilled to explore the mythology of Hawaii and reimaging it as part of our world in this sprawling shooter RPG.”

In Nightmarchers players will wield weapons from the real world, as well as powers of gods like Maui and Pele to help make Oahu a safe place for the people of the land. They’ll also be able to transform into creatures of the land, like owls, sharks, and more to attack their enemies from all angles. To learn more about Nightmarchers, and to back the game on Fig, head over to the official Fig page.


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