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Niantic is Ruining Pokemon GO Remote Raid Passes Because No Fun Allowed

The bundles weren't enough.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
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In the latest blog post from Niantic, we learned that Remote Raid Passes will be getting yet another change to pricing within Pokemon GO. If you were hoping for the original price to return, this isn’t it. Instead, Niantic has decided to ruin the passes even further because players were having too much fun in a Pokemon game.

Starting on April 6, 2023, Remote Raid Passes will cost 195 PokeCoins each. That’s almost double the price of the Raid Passes that cost just 100 PokeCoins now. The change will make individual passes roughly $2, but that’s not the only change to pass in Pokemon GO and we’ll cover the full situation here.

Pokemon GO – All Changes Coming to Remote Raid Passes

On top of the individual price change, the bundle will also be more expensive. Three passes together will cost 525 PokeCoins, which is a huge hike over what they used to be. The last change to Remote Raid Passes changed the bundle from 250 PokeCoins to 300. Now the price is even worse.

There will also be a limit of five Remote Raid Battles per day for each Trainer. Special Events will likely increase the limit, but the limit will be there on most days. Furthermore, players can only hold up to five Remote Raid Passes if they buy the bundle and already have two in their inventory. Otherwise, the limit should be three.

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So, what’s the tradeoff for this? Niantic has said in the blog post that Remote Raid Passes can now be earned by completing the weekly Research Breakthrough. This involves completing one field research each day for seven days until you get the research. If your inventory is full of remote passes when the research is done though, you’ll get a Premium Battle Pass instead. All we can say is good luck, Trainers!

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