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Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch – Familiar Spotlight – Draggle

by Prima Games Staff


Interestingly enough, you won’t find these little guys anywhere in the wilds of Ni no Kuni. Draggle is currently available as a DLC familiar through the Playstation Network. Once you have downloaded and installed the content, you will be given a redemption ticket that you can turn in at the Solosseum in exchange for a Draggle.

Draggle is an interesting familiar and not just because you can’t recruit them in the wild. It is much slower to level than other familiars and has a much lower maximum level. This means fewer level ups but a much larger boost in stats when it does.

Proper Care and Feeding

Draggle has a rather low attack and movement speed in battle but its high attack stat means when it does hit, it hits hard. It also has the Psych Up! and Go Wild! commands which give it an even greater damage boost. Despite that, Draggle is notably lacking in defense and that is what we’ve taken into account with our example bonus points spread:

Attack +10
Defense +30
Magic Defense +10

Draggle already has a high attack stat but its remarkably low defense and movement speed means when you do bring it out, it will get hit hard and often. The large amount of points into defense is to help it take less damage so that you can keep Draggle out longer before needing to switch and heal up.


The most important thing to remember when metamorphosing your Draggle is to make sure that its level is maxed out before you feed it any drops. Because of the low maximum level it is much easier to do this than with other familiars. Draggle’s stats also increase by a large amount each level so it’s important that you maximize this and carry it over into the next form. For the second metamorphosis you will choose between Dragamuffin and Bedraggle.

Dragamuffin is a Fire element familiar, like the previous two forms, but it gains the benefit of no longer being weak to water elemental tricks. Of the two final forms, Dragamuffin has the strongest offensive abilities and learns some very powerful fire elemental tricks as well as a couple handy support abilities.

Bedraggle changes from a fire elemental familiar to dark and instead has higher defensive stats than Dragamuffin. It also learns a storm elemental trick to compliment the fire tricks and a handful of support abilities much like its counterpart. (Read more on metamorphosis here.)

Best Buddies

Draggle is of course a Dracones family familiar and fits great in a fighter role with Oliver, enjoying the 10% affinity boost with him. To counteract the relatively slow speed of Draggle, try pairing it with some faster familiars. You will also want to ensure you have at least one strong healing familiar (if not more) to make up for the extra damage Draggle takes. It’s also a good idea to find a familiar with a load of support abilities to bring along so that you can use tricks to boost the areas where Draggle is lacking.

Tips and Tricks

Draggle is a fun familiar to use because there aren’t too many real dragons in Ni no Kuni (aside from Tengri but unfortunately you can’t call on him in battle). One trick to try with your Draggle is to pair it with a fast moving familiar like Oroboros. Use the faster familiar to close in on your foes then switch. Draggle will be thrown right where the previous familiar was when you switched and this can save a whole heap of frustration when trying to chase down a quick foe.

Is there a special trick you like to use with Draggle? Or maybe you have a tip you’d like to share with fellow wizards. Feel free to use the comments section below to add your own suggestions for using Draggle in battle or even to suggest a familiar you’d like to see spotlighted!

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