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NHL 15 True Hockey Physics Trailer

by Prima Games Staff

With EA Canada’s NHL 15 set to release this coming September 9, fans across the globe — and maybe a few more in Canada — have been anxiously awaiting more information on the next iteration of this hugely popular franchise. Today, they got their wish with the True Hockey Physics trailer, showcasing some major improvements, and bringing gamers one step closer to the chaotic action that is NHL hockey.

Where past installments did a great job of capturing the bone-crushing impact of player-on-player contact, this year fans can expect that to apply to every individual — and surface — on the ice. Powered by the brand new 12 Player NHL Collision Physics, developers have finally been able to capture the frantic scrambles in front of the net, massive pile-ups, and even something as simple as the puck hopping over a player’s stick.

While all this may not seem like the type of jaw-dropping news that you’d expect leading up to the release of a game, the major hurdle for sports titles has always been capturing that unpredictable feeling that fans get from the real experience. In that regard, it appears EA Canada is taking a major step in the right direction.

Which platform do you plan to play NHL 15 on this September?

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