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NHL 15 Adds Playoff Mode, 3 Stars and Improved HUT

by Prima Games Staff

The developers at EA Canada have kept their promise to players. After a rocky launch that saw many people complaining about missing features in NHL 15, a game update addressed a batch of those concerns.

The patch went live in the middle of the night for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users, weighing in at 1,668 MB for the PS4, and likely something similar for the XB1. Players can expect to find the following changes when they boot up after installing the update.

Playoff Mode

Play an offline bracket tournament with up to 16 teams.  Use the teams from the NHL or create your own tournament tree by selecting teams from up to 12 different leagues.  Play or simulate each game and track player and team stats throughout the tournament.

Be a Pro – Coach Feedback

After each shift you will get the coach’s feedback while you are on the bench.  The coach will give you tips on how to stay on top of your game and grade you on your game play. Score high grades on Position, Team Play, and Stats to work yourself up the teams depth chart.

3 Stars of the Game

At the end of the game, see the three stars and their stats.

Hockey Ultimate Team

  • Updated layouts and improved navigation for HUT menus.
  • New animations for player items.
  • Improved edit lines screen that better identifies players that are injured or require contract extensions.

While the changes are absolutely welcome, the content planned for October might be even more appealing for gamers. That’s when EA Canada plans to add in the popular Online Team Play as well as enhanced drafting ability in Be a GM mode. However, if there is one feature that we’ve yet to hear word on that is at the top of our wish list, it’s the ability to skip to your next shift in Be a Pro. We were hopeful it would be packaged in with the Be a Pro – Coach Feedback update, but so far no luck.

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