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NHL 14 Introduces NHL 94 Anniversary Mode

by Prima Games Staff

EA Sports has dominated video game hockey for the last 20 years, getting its start on the Sega Genesis and getting better with each passing year.  Now it’s bringing retro joy for a new generation.

The company announced that it will add an NHL ’94 Anniversary mode to its forthcoming hockey sim NHL 14. The mode is meant to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the classic SNES/Sega Genesis game.

The Anniversary mode allows you to play with current players with a gameplay set-up similar to NHL ’94, with one button for shooting and one for passing.  It will also feature a classic presentation, complete with blue ice, star icons, throwback uniforms and organ music. Penalties will also be eliminated, even if you deliver a thunderous hit.

NHL 14 arrives in stores September 10th for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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