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Next Halo Game Gets New Creative Director, Concept Art

by Prima Games Staff

Ever since its official unveil at the E3 Expo last year, Halo 5 (unfinished title) has been moving right along in development over at 343 Industries. Today, the company revealed a couple of interesting news snippets about the game.

First, Tim Longo has joined the team as a creative director. He’s worked on a number of great games in the past, including the recent Tomb Raider reboot, Star Wars: Republic Commando and the unreleased Star Wars: First Assault game. There’s no question his experience will bring a lot to the game. Josh Holmes will shift to executive producer, while Kiki Wolfkill is hard at work on something that is “really cool,” according to the studio.

The second is the first concept art of the game. It’s a teaser image of the city of Sparth, indicating a new location that “features prominently in a little game project we’re tinkering with.” Downloadable content, perhaps?

More details on Halo are expected later this year around E3 time, with a release for later this year. We’ll bring you the latest as it’s unveiled!

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