New XCOM Spinoff Revealed, XCOM: Chimera Squad Looks Incredible

A new XCOM spinoff has been revealed out of nowhere and we are definitely here for it! Here's what you need to know about XCOM: Chimera Squad.

Surprise, XCOM fans! There’s a new XCOM spin-off experience called XCOM: Chimera Squad and it was just revealed with a surprise announcement that shows off a new way to experience this glorious universe that so many have fallen in love with through the years. But first, let’s check out the amazing XCOM: Chimera Squad reveal trailer below: 

So what is XCOM: Chimera Squad? According to the studio, it’s an all-new turn-based tactical combat game that XCOM fans will love because it’s intimately tied within the universe. Even better, this game is launching soon! On April 24th, to be exact.

XCOM: Chimera Squad isn’t meant to be a sequel to the previous XCOM game, instead its an entirely standalone experience that is rooted within this world without being a narrative continuation of what we’ve experienced thus far. Players get to be in control of several characters, including humans and alien hybrids alike. These characters offer a narrative appeal that branches off into their own campaign. 

While many in the XCOM-verse have acclimated to the changes following the Overlords’ defeat at the end of XCOM 2, some aren’t exactly thrilled with their new way of life. That’s where the Chimera Squad comes in, they are there to put these malicious forces down to preserve this new way of life in an effort to maintain peace and resolve any lingering conflicts. 

You can learn more about the various characters you’ll meet right here at the game’s official website, including more about the Psion human Shelter, the Breaker Muton Axiom, and the Hellion Hybrid Zephyr. Of all the characters revealed thus far, players can learn more about the different combat styles ranging from high-power melee to safe-distance attacks. 

Pre-order XCOM: Chimera Squad on Steam now for a special price of $9.99. Wait until after it launches and that price goes back up to full retail value, which is sitting at 20 dollars. 

What do you think about the XCOM: Chimera Squad reveal trailer? Excited to take part in a new XCOM experience? Sound off with your thoughts over on Twitter @PrimaGames, we’d love to hear what you think! 


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