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New WWE 2K22 Features Teased Ahead of January Reveal

by Lucas White

2K games has been waiting for a planned January 2022 reveal to fully introduce WWE 2K22, the latest game in the yearly series since 2K had to take a year off. But today, wrestling fans have been offered a brief tease of what they can expect from WWE 2K22 before the information blowout next year. Ten bullet points were provided in a new trailer, some of which showing brand new game modes while others show changes and updates to the expected feature set.

Notably, WWE 2K22 appears to have a totally revamped control scheme, which you can get a glimpse at if you pause the video. Controls appear to be streamlined compared to past years, with room made for new mechanics such as dodging and blocking. We also see the new MyFaction mode, which lets players build their own faction, or “stable” of wrestlers. There’s also a new MyGM mode, which takes players on more of a management sim kind of experience. My Rise is shown as the new “career” mode sort of situation, while familiar modes like Universe are also shown off.

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The UI definitely looks quite different from the past few WWE 2K releases, which lends credence to the “It Hits Different” tagline advertising the game. As a reminder, 2K Games ended up skipping last year after the previous game was poorly received. Longtime developer Yukes left the project early on, and now it seems like 2K has built up its own foundation.

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