WWE 13 continues to chug towards the finish line when it releases later this month, and to help continue building the hype for the game, THQ has released a new TV ad for the wrestling game, featuring none other than WWE champion CM Punk.

Punk steps up in front of a microphone for the ad, welcoming you to "The Revolution" and explaining why he's the leader behind it, as well as the game's cover star.  "Because I'm the Best in the World!"  From there, bits and pieces of gameplay are shown, including a recreation of the magnificent Hell In a Cell match between The Undertaker and Mankind, with the latter going over the top of the cage into a table below.  

You'll be able to recreate a number of these moments with the game's included Attitude Era mode, along with Degeneration X's greatest moments and the rivalry between owner Vince McMahon and wrestler "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

Watch the ad here and get ready to do your part in the Revolution when the game arrives in stores October 30th.