New Update Brings Miiverse, Nintendo Network ID To Nintendo 3DS

Combine your Wii U accounts and get to posting with your friends.

A few weeks ago, Nintendo confirmed that it was working on a new system update that would allow users to utilize Miiverse services on the Nintendo 3DS, as well as combine accounts with their Wii U console so that they could purchase games through one unified set-up, rather than two.

Today, Nintendo made good on its promise, as a new system update is available to download for the handheld, free of charge. As promised, this allows users to sign in using their Nintendo Network ID on the system, and transfer over any balance from their Wii U account so that they can purchase from one place.

The Miiverse is also open to use, where you can share video game data from either the top or bottom screen of your 3DS with others. You can also queue up posts – even if they’re off-line – for others to see once you do get connected to Wi-Fi again.

Happy downloading!

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