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New Trigger Animal Anime BNA to Launch in April 2020

by Ginny Woo

With the rising popularity of the ever-memeable and beautiful BEASTARS anime, it looks like we’re seeing a resurgence when it comes to animes with, well, animals. Yes, get the inevitable deluge of furry jokes out of the way, because it’s truly one of the better narratives that we’ve been given in a year packed full of incredible ones. That’s how you know it’s something. Now, jumping on the train, a new Trigger animal anime, BNA, is going to launch in April 2020. Here’s what we know

New Trigger Animal Anime BNA to Launch in April 2020

Studio Trigger, known potentially best for its work on Kiznaiver, Darling in the Franxx, Kill la Kill and more recently the acclaimed Promare, is cashing in. Well, that’s what it looks like, anyway. They’re now making their own anime, BNA, shortened from Brand New Animal, with Morohoshi Sumire and Hosoya Yoshimasa as the leads for the project. Fans might recognize Morohoshi Sumire as Emma from Promised Neverland, and from other roles in popular series like The Ancient Magus’ Bride, Mr Osomatsu and more. 

Now, the website for the official anime, Brand New Animal, has a firm release date of April 2020. The premise behind BNA is that the story is going to take place in a world where people can be fully human or, well, part animal and part human. If you fall into the latter category, you move to Anima City to live with other animal-humans., The show has recently gained its own Twitter, and we’re definitely looking forward to learning more about what’s to come. We’re already curious about the premise of this whole animal-human thing, not to mention the fact that the stills of the characters that have been shared on Twitter are definitely piquing our interest. If it’s anything like BEASTARS, we reckon we’re gonna have a good time. 

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