If you need a little help defeating Lemmy in New Super Mario Bros. U, the boss of Acorn Plains, then we've got a special treat in store for you.

Below is an extract from our brilliant New Super Mario Bros. U eGuide which you can purchase right here.

You’ll find yourself facing the game’s first boss Lemmy after jumping into the cannon at the end of the Acorn Plains castle level.

Lemmy awaits Mario within the hull of his airship. Jump over the bombs that Lemmy throws, or stomp them to set them off. Don’t worry too much about the bombs, though—you’re real task is to trounce Lemmy by stomping him three times.


Perform wall jumps to gain extra height and leap past Lemmy and his bombs with ease.

Each time you stomp Lemmy, he turtles up and zips across the room along the ground in his spikey shell. Don’t stomp Lemmy while he’s spinning mad—just jump past the boss and wait for him to emerge from his shell. Then go for another stomp!


You can also defeat Lemmy with fireballs if you brought Fire Mario into the fight.


If you don’t stomp Lemmy, he’ll move to the other side of the room and toss more bombs. Be sure to stomp Lemmy when you have the chance!