As part of its Nintendo Direct presentation this morning (which didn’t have an amazing amount of news, but still delivered on some details), the company confirmed that this morning’s update to the eShop services would see some additional content for New Super Mario Bros. 2, in the form of two additional Coin Rush stages.

Right now, you can hop online and grab yourself the Gold Mushroom Pack and the Coin Challenge Pack B, which enable you to post your best times across random stages while collecting as many of the coins as you can.  It’s a poised challenge, to be sure, but we know that the Mario devoted are certainly up for it.

The levels go for $2.50 apiece, or you can pay $5 and download them both at the same time.  We wish there was a better package deal for both, but, hey, who can really argue with more Mario content?  Not us.

More coin packs will be coming up within the next month, so be sure to check back for details!