Every gamer’s favorite plumber (do correct me if I’m wrong) is back once again this summer for another side-scrolling platform title on the 3DS.

This August we’ll have another chance to control the red-hatted, coin-grabbing, mushroom-eating, pole-sliding, raccoon-wearing, goomba-squashing, koopa-tossing legend.

The game is a sequel to New Super Mario Bros Wii, a title that paid much tribute to the original Super Mario Bros games by returning to the old form of 2D side-scrolling. That said, there was much originality and playful toying around with the classic format in the form of friendly-competitive modes that allowed up to 4 players to co-op whilst aiming to beat each other’s scores.

That wasn’t the only announcement that Saturday’s Nintendo conference brought. Two new Pokémon apps are on their way, one being an update to the already-available Pokédex app. This will be a “Pro” edition that’ll have every single breed from every single Pokémon game and a whole load of other new features.

Additionally, there’s Pokémon AR Searcher, which is an augmented reality shooter similar to Face Raiders. It’ll work alongside Pokémon Black and White 2 and let you transfer over creatures you’ve captured. Both of these games are to be available at the 3DS shop.

Also on the cards is a 3DS firmware update, scheduled for April 25th. This will enable users to create folders on the 3DS Home Menu for the storage of games and apps. The idea is to enable people to achieve a bit more organization in their 3DS lives.

The new 3DS firmware will also allow Nintendo to easily patch games, including Mario Kart 7, which has been suffering from a longtime Wuhu Island track glitch (fix coming mid-May).

Japanese folk will be receiving new DLC for Fire Emblem Awakening, new tunes for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy and new challenges for Monster Hunter 3G.

There’s also news of a 20th Anniversary Kirby game (though not much in the way of details).

If you’d like to watch the European 3DS Nintendo Direct conference then check out the video below: