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New Suicide Squad Game Reportedly In The Works From Rocksteady

by Liana Ruppert

Ever since Rocksteady announced that the last Batman Arkham game would be the final entry into the series, rumors have been wild about what the studio’s next project would be. From Superman rumors, to ones citing a new Justice League movie, the latest report suggests that it could be a new Suicide Squad game in the works instead. 

The latest rumor comes from two different sources. The first being leaked marketing material shared over on Resetera, with the second – the below Twitter post – that suggests Kotaku’s Jason Schreier was actually the one the potentially leak the possible project: 

He also added a real-time video proving that the messages weren’t photoshopped:

It’s important to note that Schreier doesn’t actually say yes or no and the Kotaku writer is sort of known for his dry sense of humor coming off the wrong way at times. Still, there is more evidence ahead that might support the Twitter OP’s excitement: 


The above marketing plan was leaked over on Resetera showing off plans for a gameplay presentation and talking about the basic elements of the potential new game. As with all rumors and leaks, however, it’s important to take everything with a grain of salt until the studios themselves offer an official reveal. 

As awesome – and likely – as a Suicide Squad game sounds, nothing has technically been revealed yet, which is a very important distinction that fans need to keep in mind. 

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