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New Star Wars Game Leaked on PlayStation Network

by Nicholas Barth

The Star Wars franchise has given video game players plenty of memorable titles over the years with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is the latest fan-favorite game to be set in the high-profile entertainment universe. There is always plenty of interest and curiosity in the Star Wars community regarding what new games may be coming out in the future. This high-level of curiosity and excitement was on display on March 4th when a leaked image looks to have possibly shown what new title fans can look forward to in the future. 

According to a Twitter post from PSN releases, an image with the title of Star Wars Project Maverick was added to the European PlayStation Network store. You can find the leaked image of this Star Wars Project Maverick game below:

Now, there have been no official announcements regarding the existence of this particular game. However, Kotaku’s Jason Schreier, who has accurately reported on multiple unannounced titles in the past, responded to a member of the community asking if he had heard anything about this leaked Star Wars Project Maverick game. Schreier stated that he has indeed heard about this title, which means that its existence is highly likely to be true or, at the least, it is an idea being worked on currently.

We will update this piece with any new information regarding the leaked Star Wars Project Maverick game if any becomes available. 

What are your thoughts on the leaked image of the tar Wars Project Maverick title? What would you like it to be if it does come to fruition in the future? Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter!

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